The World's Best Blind Spot Mirror

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Over 1 Million MaxiView Mirrors Sold!

Accept No Imitations

Maxi View Mirrors attach quickly and easily to any side mirrors

The unique ball swivel allows it to be adjusted to suit any driver's viewing position and maximizes the view from both side mirrors. Maxi View will never block your rear vision because it is specifically designed to be placed in the upper inside corner of both side mirrors.

Only Maxi View Has:

  • Full FOCUS capability (Adjustability = Focus).
  • A 360° Fully adjustable ball & swivel.
  • A picture over 3 times LARGER than any other stick on.
  • A unique night vision feature. 100% glare proof!
  • A one year warranty!


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* The above testimonials do not represent an official endorsement by the companies listed. They are personal endorsements by the employees that have written them.

Maxiview is an amazing product. It increased visibility on both sides of our van dramatically. Maxiview has totally eliminated the blind spots in our mirrors. Day or night driving is now much safer for my family. Thanks MaxiView.

I did not realize the value of having a blind spot mirror until I nearly side swiped another car and jerked back my steering wheel so hard I thought I might lose control. This happened with my children in the car. With my MaxiView Mirrors, I feel safer and know that I can responsibly change lanes and not put anyone in danger. My MaxiView Mirrors have followed me to every new car I've had since using them.J. Cunningham
Indianapolis, IN

MaxiView Makes Changing Lanes and Parallel Parking Stress Free

  • Fits all cars, vans, SUV's, pickups and motorcycles
  • Installs in seconds
  • 360 Degree ball and swivel for full focus capability
  • Sees the blind spots your car mirror cannot see and cannot be adjusted to see
  • Change lanes and parallel park without taking your eyes off the road
  • Never strain or twist your neck again
  • Realistic view over 3 times larger than any other stick on mirror

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